How to Donate to the Earbus Foundation of WA

The Earbus Foundation has a very small administrative office and the vast majority of funding is spent on providing services directly to children in need.


We have TCC (tax concession) and DGR (deductible gift recipient) status through the Australian Taxation Office. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


How your donation helps:


$100 - a child is screened 4 times in a year for OM (best practice as hearing fluctuates with this condition)

$250 - buys a screener, audiologist, nurse or GP an otoscope to check children’s ears

$500 - pays for medication for a school class


$1000 - provides infection control for a school

$2500 - buys a video otoscope so that ENTs can use telemedicine for remote diagnosis

$5000 - buys a tympanometer to measure whether infection/fluid is present behind the eardrum


$10 000 - buys an audiometer to test children’s hearing

$25 000 - purchases audiology equipment (both tympanometer & audiometer)


$50 000 - pays a GP's salary for a year in the program

$75 000 - purchases a metro based Earbus



A tax-deductible donation can be made by direct bank transfer to:


ACCOUNT: Earbus Foundation of WA (WESTPAC Palmyra)

BSB 036 048

ACCOUNT No. 369012


Please clearly indicate “Donation” and your name next to the transaction so that your donation can be traced for receipting purposes. Please email your details to so that a tax invoice can be sent to you. Include the date and amount of your donation as well as your name and postal address.


Alternatively a cheque can be made out and posted to:

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia

P.O Box 23


WA 6026


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