To reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in Indigenous and at-risk children in Western Australia below the World Health Organization benchmark of 4%




That current and future generations of Indigenous children can succeed at school unhindered by the debilitating effects of Otitis media and its impacts upon their ability to learn and achieve to their full potential




We believe middle ear disease to be an insidious, underestimated and under-treated condition that can affect every aspect of early childhood development in Indigenous children and creates lifelong barriers that prevent these children from taking their full and rightful part in Australian society



The Foundation exists to support Indigenous and at-risk families and children.

We share common values. The values are the non-negotiable, unchanging heart of the organisation. We stress the critical importance of all Foundation employees living these values and representing these values to the public we serve.


Our core values are that we are:


1. Open & Honest


What this looks like:

All employees are expected to be able to raise issues in a positive and constructive manner. We value open and honest discussion with a view to improving our services, processes and procedures in the best interest of our clients.


This means that we are not afraid to try new and creative ideas – even though they may not succeed. And we always own up to our actions so that everyone can learn from each other. This includes our mistakes!


Our organization avoids: blaming, denying, aggressive behavior. We each take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.


We respect each other professionally and as unique individuals, as we all have something to offer our programs and services.


How we behave:

We give each other credit when it’s due

We own up to our mistakes

We follow through with what we say we are going to do

We ask for help when we need it

We assist others so they can learn and grow

We raise issues to improve

We are positive in the way we think and speak

We say something straight away, nothing gets ignored or swept under the carpet.



2. Loyal & Supportive


What this looks like:


By joining the Foundation, you have joined our team! This means you are one of us and we look after each other. If you are in need of help at work or in your home life, someone in the team will be able to help or offer advice. We don’t judge each other.


How we behave:

We don’t gossip about each other

We believe in, and protect our values

We help as and when we can without being asked

We assume the best in each other

We stand up for each other


3. Be Brilliant


What this looks like:

Be the best that you can be! Our team values excellence and passion about the work that we do. And we think that you have the qualities that will help to make this the best workplace you have ever been in. It means that we all give our best at work and do whatever it takes to get the job done properly.


How we behave:

We are creative

We try to be the best program delivering services to children

We have high levels of competency in what we each do

We are consistent with our standard of care to children and their families

Our words are consistent with our actions

We are continuously learning with and from each other





Our work motto is “Say it, Mean it, Do it!”





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